Day Five on IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66

Last Updated: May 11, 2024.

Yesterday was a long day on The Mother Road.

Your peripatetic host Buzze A. Long was up early and pushed West on I-40 toward #Route66 in

Grants, NM.

Taking the east exit off I-40, I came into town while it is still twilight. Grants has a nickname, Uranium City, but maybe they don’t emphasize it anymore. I look for the Uranium Cafe. Is it still here? They had some good Mexican food. Mexican food in New Mexico has its own taste, different from what you get anywhere else, including Old Mexico.

by Buzze A. Long

Welcome to Grants, NM

Grants is pretty quiet so I have good opportunities to take some pix, do a u-ey, take more pix. I stop at a fast food on the west end of town and attempt internet access.

Wayside Hotel Route 66

Wayside Hotel in Grants, NM by IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66


Speedys Gas in Grants by Buzze A. Long


Grants Historic Route 66 Motel


Grants Diner by #IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66


Desert Sun Otel in Grants, NM


Give Your Car a Selfie in Grants, NM


Grants Cafe, New Mexico

Nothin’ doin’. Like the last few places, can’t get on. However, I DO get a refill on hot tea. The employees are efficient and Happy Happy at this fast food.

Old Route 66 flows west through Milan. The current route number is NM122. I follow it for a few miles west of town but it appears to veer away so I come back to I-40 and head West to the

Thoreau, NM

exit. Then I find out that

Old Route 66 / NM122

is here, I could have traveled the whole way on it instead. Bummer, it looks like some nice country on that road. Next Time. The elevation here at TH’ROO is 7200 feet.

Red Mountain, Thoreau, NM

Red Mountain, Thoreau, NM

Buzze A. Long At Thoreau, NM

The ‘WeID’ Neon is Still Lit Up at Johnnies in Thoreau, NM

Forty-five feet later, it’s

Up and Over The Continental Divide!

Continental Divide Along Route 66

The Rain Flows to Atlantic & Pacific West of Thoreau, NM

Continental Divide

Whiting Bros, at The Continental Divide, New Mexico

Route 66 Continental Divide Ya-Tah-Hey!

Hello From The Continental Divide Along Route 66

Back on I-40, I headed West. Here’s a

Buzze Tip:

Westbound, get off at Iyanbito

YAWN bi Toe

YAWN bi Toe is the Secret Exit for Route 66 to Gallup Westbound

to follow

Old Route 66 West to Gallup.

As I am going to meet my friend for lunch in Gallup, I kill some time taking pictures

Gallup's Welcome Sign by Buzze A. Long

Welcome to Gallup, NM – The Most Patriotic Small Town In America

Earl's in Gallup, NM on US Route 66

World Famous Earl’s. Park Your Car Where You Can Keep an Eye On It While Eating

and trying to get on the internet at a fast food on the west end.  No go. One thing serendipitous about Gallup is that as I wander east & west, I spy him off in the distance. Not my friend, but a

Route 66 Muffler Man!

There He Is - Muffler Man

The Back of a Muffler Man in Gallup, NM

Muffler Man by #IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66

The Muffler Man In Gallup, NM Packs Heat! US Route 66

I park and get some Muffler Man pix, then up 491 for my lunch rendezvous. We catch up on some of the gossip around Gallup then it is time to head West again. Picking up I-40, I’m off toward the Arizona Border.

Arizona Welcome Sign

Welcome To Arizona – Home At Last! On US Route 66, The Mother Road.

Arizona Centennial Sign on I-40, US Route 66

We Arizonans Celebrated Our Centennial in 2012. US Route 66.

I was never so glad to see the Arizona Border in my life! I’ve lived here for quite a few years now and it is always a good feeling to get back on my Native Soil. I-40 passes through the Petrified Forest as it heads west. I’ve been to it a few times so I take the Apache Blvd Route 66 exit on the east end of

Holbrook, AZ.

Under I-40 and into Old Town, then The Mother Road takes a turn right, past a restaurant that I’ve eaten in many times.

Holbrook, AZ

Romo’s – Best Food In Holbrook

Then the Wigwam comes into view. I stop and get some pix just like the other tourists.


The Wigwam Motel in Scenic Holbrook, AZ

Wigwam Holbrook

Full House At Wigwam Motel Tonight!

'52 Chevy At Wigwam

Five of us Lived in a ’52 Chevy Just Like This One! What Memories!

Further down the Pike is Historic Joseph City, Arizona.

Joseph City

The Garage in Joe City, AZ

Jackrabbit In 7 Miles Sign Joseph City, AZ US Route 66

Jackrabbit Trading Post Is Only Seven Miles. KEEP YELLING KIDS!!

After getting back on I-40, I head a few miles West to an exit I have been waiting for, for a thousand miles!

Jackrabbit Trading Post I-40 Exit 269. US Route 66

Jackrabbit At Exit 269

HERE IT IS!!   Jackrabbit Road!

I exited at Jackrabbit Road and went in to investigate. I had driven past this exit so many times and just assumed that the place had shut down long ago. No Way! It is open for business and I get so many pix that I am giving Jackrabbit HERE IT IS its own page on IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66.

I stop and get a license plate and ice cream on a stick. Back on I-40 West,

Winslow, Arizona


I could have exited one earlier here in Winslow, but come in just east of the park where the road splits. I used to come over to Winslow when I lived in Flagstaff. Winslow is nice in that each time I visit, it gets just a little bit better. A little cleaner, a new business, a little more lively. In fact, I’ve never seen it as lively as it is today. Watch out for the selfie sticks or you’ll get impaled. I wander around the crossroads near Standin’ On The Corner Park. Never has one song meant so much to a town!

Guitar in Winslow

Low E Is A Little Flat in Winslow, AZ

Buzze A. Long in Winslow, AZ along The Mother Road, US Route 66

My Other Brother Buzze in Winslow, AZ with his Route 66 Guitar

Standin' on The Cornet With Buzze

Standin’ On The Corner In Winslow, Arizona

Old US Route 66 Winslow, AZ

We Really Are On The Mother Road In Winslow, US Route 66

Flatbed Ford with Buzze A. Long

Rare Selfie of Ol’ Buzze. That’s The Famous Flatbed Ford Behind Me

I get a few pictures, some of them with The Original Selfie Stick ™, my left arm. Why buy another when you are carrying one around already?

After doing all my Route 66 Blog business in Historic Downtown Winslow, Arizona, I head over to Historic Wally World

Winslow, AZ

Historic Wally World in Winslow, AZ

Hickman's Eggs In Winslow

Hickman’s Eggs! Pinch Me! I really AM IN ARIZONA!

to pick up a few supplies and groceries. The groceries are for my upcoming stay in Historic Flagstaff, Arizona, another one of my old home towns. I will be visiting friends and family here at a secret compound, in fact it is the house I lived in for five years. Looking forward to being HOME and visiting & resting up for a few days.

I’ll be bringing The I Drove

The Mother Road Route 66 Blog

up to date and having home-cooked food, some of it my own cooking, for few days.

So I roll onto I-40 west. My HOME is only about 45 minutes west of Winslow. 75 mph, I love Arizona!

I shoot past Two Guns

Two Guns by #IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66, US Route 66

Two Guns, Arizona an attraction on US Route 66

and then arch past Twin Arrows!

Twin Arrows.

Twin Arrows, Arizona

Here’s another Buzze Tip – Two Guns beats Twin Arrows. Every Time!

As I gain elevation on the run toward Flagstaff, I feel and smell HOME. The scent of Ponderosa Pine and Juniper takes me back to the time, a few years ago, when I lived in Flagstaff.

My home town is coming in sight.

Winona, Arizona - get your kicks on US Route 66

Flagstaff, Arizona And Don’t Forget Winona on Route 66

If you think I’m happy you’re right,

Mt. Elden by Buzze A. Long

Mt Elden and The San Francisco Peaks near Winona, Arizona

( Happy To See The San Francisco Peaks & Mount Elden ),

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight!!

With apologies to Dave Dudley, I’ll be R&R and catching up with

The Route 66 Blog

until after Our Nation’s Birthday!

Thanks for coming along for Day Five!

Yesterday on Route 66:

Next:   Hiatus in Flagstaff, AZ on Route 66

Tune In after the Fourth of July for the completion of the drive to Santa Monica.

Buzze A. Long, reporting from #Route66

Get Your Kicks On Route 66, and don’t forget Winona, Arizona



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