Ol’ Buzze made it into Flagstaff on the evening of Day Five: Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

Just soaking up the solitude and relaxing at the secret compound. Smelling the pine & juniper.


Route 66 Enters Flagstaff, AZ From The East

Between Walnut Canyon and Flagstaff Old Route 66


Visiting with friends & family. They left the latch string out


and my shirt is just where I left it last time.


Good to be back in my old house.


I’m updating the blog from the secret compound as we speak.


Look for a new post after July 5th.


Maybe I’ll drive by the Museum Club or see a Muffler Man on Route 66.


Meanwhile, I’m fleshing out the posts from the previous days and adding some pages. Continue to peruse the site as it grows while I am off America’s Main Street.


Buzze A. Long


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