Ol’ Buzze made it into Flagstaff on the evening of Day Five on Route 66: Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

Just soaking up the solitude and relaxing at the secret compound. Smelling the pine & juniper.

Route 66 Enters Flagstaff, AZ From The East

Between Walnut Canyon and Flagstaff Old Route 66

Visiting with friends & family. They left the latch string out and my shirt is just where I left it last time.

Good to be back in my old house.

I’m updating the blog from the secret compound as we speak.

Look for a new post after July 5th.

Maybe I’ll drive by the Museum Club or see a Muffler Man on Route 66.

What good fortune! I was able to see the world-renowned Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra give their annual free 4th of July Concert at the Amphitheater. Thanks PT!

Meanwhile, I’m fleshing out the posts from the previous days and adding some pages. Continue to peruse the site as it grows while I am off America’s Main Street.

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Buzze A. Long


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