Day Zero on The Mother Road

Why Day Zero? Haven’t actually started on Route 66 The Mother Road yet.
Day Zero began with laundry, fluid checks on the vehicle and lunch at El-Canelo on Peach St in Erie, PA.

For the foodies out there, here is the Beef Fajita at El-Canelo’s:

Buzze Enjoys the Beef Fajita

Buzze Enjoys the Beef Fajita

Sorry, food fans, Ol’ Buzze ate quite a bit before taking the pic! Good food, nicely presented.

The the Unofficial Start of the trip began at 12:12:12 PM from El-Canelo’s.  The World’s 2nd Most Interesting Man will be traveling to Santa Monica, CA in this Mystery Montana. Spot this vehicle in your neighborhood and get free ICE CREAM!

Spot This Montana for Free ICE CREAM!

The World’s 2nd Most Interesting Man Will be Traveling in the Mystery Montana

This day was a shakedown. Buzze traveled to a rest stop on the Indiana Toll Road just outside Portage, Indiana. Spent the night at my favorite low-cost Motel Chain: Motel Montana, aka the Pontiac Palace. Always convenient. Here’s a tip: Sleep in the TRUCK section, not the auto section. Here’s another tip – gas is about 20% less if you exit the Indiana Toll Road!

Join me on Day 1 of Driving Route 66, The Mother Road!


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