HERE IT IS - Route66 Jackrabbit by Buzze A. Long

HERE IT IS | The Route 66 Jackrabbit

This is the exit I’d been looking forward to for a thousand miles!

I drove past this place many times when I lived & worked in Northern Arizona. I always thought it was long shut down but it isn’t. I stopped by on Day Five on Route 66 The Mother Road to have a looksee.

Rout 66 HERE IT IS Jackrabbit Trading Post, AZ

Jackrabbit Trading Post, Arizona Has AZ Signage

Jackrabbit With The Buzzemobile Rout 66

But Dad, It’s Bigger On The Sign!

I pulled up near the big guy, hoping to catch & saddle him, then have an 8-second ride. As I got closer, I thought it was funny that he just stood there. Upon closer examination, it was evident that the Jackrabbit was a gyp, a hoax, a phony. There was no fur. It appeared to be constructed of fiberglass.

I prepared to mount the Famous Jackrabbit for my first ride.

HERE IT IS Jackrabbit Trading Post, AZ

Climb Aboard The World Famous Jackrabbit

Rout 66 Jackrabbit in Arizona

The View From The Control Cabin Of The World Famous HERE IT IS Jackrabbit

Rout 66 | Ride the Jackrabbit in AZ

The Jackrabbit Is Unimpressed After My First Ride. He Looks Pretty Smug, Don’t You Think?

Since the Jackrabbit was a bust, I walked inside the Trading Post, hoping to console my grief with some ICE CREAM. But before you could say “Rebel Without a Cause”, there was James Dean.

James Dean at Jackrabbit Trading Post, AZ

James Dean Loves The World Famous HERE IT IS Jackrabbit

Looking around, I picked up a license plate and some ice cream on a stick.

Route66 License Plate for a Jackrabbit

My Dad Went To Jackrabbit And All I Got Was This Lousy License Plate and Ice Cream On A Stick

Unwrapping the ice cream, I was sad to note that it looked like somebody had sat on it. Was it Jackrabbit Revenge for that Wild Ride earlier?

I’ll never know.

Route 66 | THERE IT WAS

HERE IT IS And THERE IT WAS!! Leaving The World Famous Jackrabbit Older And A Little Wiser

Buzze A. Long, a little older and a little wiser, reporting from Jackrabbit Trading Post in Arizona on The Mother Road

Route 66, Route66, Rout 66



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