Muffler Men on America’s Main Street

Last Updated May 01, 2020

By Buzze A. Long

I saw my first Muffler Man in Flagstaff, AZ but didn’t realize what it was. He was standing in front of Granny’s back in 2006, dressed as a lumberjack. I thought, “What IS that?”. It seemed kind of hokey.

Update: But the lumberjack wasn’t actually a Muffler Man – he was a midget.

As time went on, I came to learn that the Muffler Men have a unique bond with The Mother Road, Route 66.

There are at least 3 Muffler Men in Illinois:

Muffler Man on Route 66

Please Mr Spaceman – Look and See

Muffler Man Atlanta, Illinois

HotDog! There’s a Muffler Man in Atlanta, ILL

Haerley Muffler Man on Route 66 in Illinois

Harley Muffler Man on Route 66 in Illinois

… and one in New Mexico

Muffler Man by #IDroveTheMotherRoadRoute66

The Muffler Man In Gallup, NM Packs Heat!

… and the one in Flagstaff –

Paul Bunyon Muffler Man Stands Tall Along U.S. Route 66

Eye Wish I Could See Out Of My Right Eye, So Eye Do!

… but he is a little bashful – notice how he’s hiding behind that tree.

Of course they’re hokey. They’re on Route 66, aren’t they?

Buzze A. Long, lumbering along America’s Main Street ™.


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