Last Updated: May 01, 2020

By Buzze A. Long

Drive along America’s Main Street / I-40 and you’ll see a million signs saying “Tucumcari Tonight”. So I figured the best thing to do was visit Tucumcari ToDAY – why wait?

I Buzzed west on Route 66, did a u-ey then Buzzed east, taking pictures all the while.

Tucumcari was something that I always thought of as a gas stop – stay near I-40, gas up, move on. This trip I decided to have a good look around and I’m glad I did – now we are getting back into the Route 66 Retro side of The Mother Road.

First stop was Junior’s Garage:

Juniors garage Tucumcari, NM

Juniors Garage Tucumcari, NM

Gear Jammin' by

Gear Jammin’ by

Some selected old buildings and signs:

Apache Motel

Apache Motel



Esso Tucumcari

Esso Tucumcari

And then I realized it was pretty warm here in Tucumcari

99 Degrees

99 Degrees

.. so off to

Kens Ice Cream

Kens Ice Cream – Voted Best Internet at a Restaurant Along The Mother Road by Buzze A. Long

for a 3 scooper

3-Scooper at Kens

3-Scooper at Kens

while sitting in my office


Office on

Buzze A. Long,

reporting from Tucumcari, New Mexico


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